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What Is The General Assembly?

The state government of New Jersey is divided into three branches: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. The principal function of the Legislative branch is to enact laws. The General Assembly is the lower house of of the New Jersey Legislature. Legislators are elected from districts of substantially equal population.

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Meet Mariel Didato

I am Mariel DiDato and I am running for General Assembly in New Jersey’s 13th Legislative District. I’m a community organizer and outreach specialist, devoted advocate for women’s health and lifelong resident of the Bayshore area.

Reproductive Rights

Fight to restore state funding to family planning healthcare centers so that every New Jersey citizen has access to affordable reproductive healthcare.


Expand rehabilitation programs and introduce safety nets for those suffering from addiction.


Ensure that our schools are funded adequately and efficiently so that all children have an equal chance to succeed.

Violence Prevention

Introduce legislation to mandate age-appropriate lectures in New Jersey schools on consent, healthy dating, and interpersonal violence.


Support programs that protect our environment, combat climate change, and provide environmental disaster relief.

“After working tirelessly to effect change as a constituent, I think it’s more important now than it has ever been to have more of us working from inside Trenton.”


The General Election

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My Running Mates 

It has been a pleasure and an honor to run alongside these two dedicated public servants. Get to know them!

Tom Giaimo

NJ District 13 General Assembly Candidate

Sean Byrnes

NJ District 13 State Senate Candidate

My personal mission is to improve New Jersey’s state policies, while also protecting New Jersey citizens from the negative impacts of the federal administration. The defunding of the EPA, along with The United States potentially pulling out of the Paris agreement, will have a disproportional effect on citizens who live in environmentally vulnerable areas in District 13. Many of our residents are still dealing with the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, we know all too well  the importance of supporting environmentally smart policies at the state level, and providing relief to those who are affected most by natural disasters. I plan to apply this concept across the board to include issues such as education, healthcare, and interpersonal violence, among others.

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